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Delete 2D Mesh Zones

The Delete 2D Mesh Zones command allows the user to selectively delete the 2D mesh zones created inside the 2D mesh.

The user can create 2D mesh zones inside a 2D mesh using the Draw or Assign 2D Mesh Zones command. To learn more about these commands, refer to this article in our knowledge base.

Follow the steps below to use the Delete 2D Mesh Zones command:

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, click the 2D Flow Areas dropdown menu and select the Delete 2D Mesh Zones command.
    Delete 2D Mesh Zones input ribbon menu command
  2. The Delete 2D Mesh Zones dialog box will be displayed.
    Delete 2D Mesh Zones dialog box
  3. In the Available 2D Mesh Zones grid, check the checkboxes corresponding to the mesh zones you want to delete. Alternatively, click the [Pick] button to select the mesh zones from the Map View. Note: To select all the mesh zones at once, click the [Select All] button.
    [Pick] button
  4. The number of selected mesh zones will be displayed in the Total selected read-only field.
    Total selected read-only fieldNote: To cancel the previous selection and redo the entire process, click the [Clear All] button.
  5. After selecting the mesh zones, click the [OK] button, and the software will delete all the selected mesh zones.
    [OK] button

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