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Result Summary Command

The Result Summary command allows the user to display the summary of the HEC-HMS analysis results for each element (Subbasins, Storage Areas, Junctions, Reaches, Diversions, Sources, and Sinks) in tabular form. The user can see the summary of analysis results either of the individual element or of all elements in the table.

Follow the steps below to use the Result Summary command:

  1. From the Results ribbon menu, select the Result Summary command.
    Result Summary command from the Results ribbon menu
  2. The Plot Hydrographs dialog box will be displayed with the Results Summary data panel.
    Plot Hydrographs dialog box with the Results Summary panel

To learn about the Plot Hydrographs command, refer to this article in our knowledge base.

The following sections describe the Result Summary command and how to interact with the above dialog box.

Selecting Items

The Select Items section allows the user to select the scenario for which the summary of the analysis results will be displayed. The user can select the preferred scenario from the Scenarios dropdown combo box.
Scenarios dropdown combo box from Select Items section

Scenario Specifications

This section tracks all scenario specification data such as the start and end of the simulation run, the computed time, the selected basin model, the selected meteorologic model, and the selected control specifications.
Scenario Specifications section

Data Summary

This section contains a table showing the summary of the HEC-HMS analysis results for the selected element. The table includes one row for each element in the model and includes columns for the hydrologic element name, drainage area, maximum outflow, time of peak flow, and total outflow volume.

Note that the data in the results summary table will be automatically updated each time the simulation run is computed.

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