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Importing a HydroCAD Project

The Import HydroCAD Project command allows the user to import HydroCAD input data files to a GeoHECHMS Project.

A HydroCAD model is represented by a network of the following types of nodes:

  • Subcatchment: A relatively homogenous area of land that typically drains into a reach or pond. Each subcatchment generates a runoff hydrograph.
  • Pond: A pond, swamp, dam, catch basin, manhole, drywell, or other impoundment that fills with water from one or more sources and empties in a manner determined by a weir, culvert, or other outlet device(s).
  • Catch Basin: A special type of pond that provides an insignificant amount of storage, but otherwise has all the properties and capabilities of a pond.
  • Reach: A uniform stream, channel, or pipe that conveys water from one point to another and operates under open channel flow.
  • Link: A link may be used to 1) enter a hydrograph generated outside HydroCAD, 2) interconnect several routing diagrams, 3) scale a hydrograph, 4) split a hydrograph into two components for independent routing, or 5) define a fixed or tidal tailwater elevation.

The following table details the conversions that will occur when importing HydroCAD input data files to a GeoHECHMS project.

HydroCAD NodesGeoHECHMS Elements
PondStorage Area
LinkInternal (use only diagram inflows)Junction
Enter hydrograph manuallySource
Import hydrograph from a file or from another project

Follow the steps below to use the Import HydroCAD Project command:

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, click the Import Data menu item and choose the Import HydroCAD Project command.
    Import HydroCAD Project ribbon menu command
  2. The Import HydroCAD Project dialog box will be displayed.
    Import HydroCAD Project dialog box
  3. From the Select HydroCAD Project section, click the […] browse button to select the HydroCAD project file.
  4. The software will display the Import HydroCAD Project File dialog box. From the displayed dialog box, browse to the folder where the HydroCAD project file is located and select it. Click the [Open] button.
    Import HydroCAD Project File open dialog box
  5. You will be returned to the Import HydroCAD Project dialog box, and the complete directory path and the file name will be shown in the HydroCAD project file entry.
    HydroCAD project file entry
  6. Click the [Import] button to import the HydroCAD input data files.
  7. The imported HydroCAD input data files will be shown on the Map View, as shown below.
    Imported HydroCAD input data files Map View

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