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Submitting Software Crash Error Reports

If the software generates an error unexpectedly, the following software crash error report dialog box will be displayed.

Software Crash Error Report

In this dialog box you can enter your email address to get notifications regarding this error report. In addition, you are encouraged to enter the steps that caused the problem so that our software developers can reproduce it and help to solve this error. The more details you provide, the faster a resolution can be provided.

Here are some guidelines for completing the Step-By-Step Details portion of the report.

  • The report automatically captures operating system version, product name, version, available memory, and active command. Therefore, you don’t need to report those details.
  • Include the data you were entering prior to the problem.
  • Provide repeatable steps to recreate the problem if possible.
  • Provide as much detail as possible about the work you were doing when the crash occurred.
  • When possible, save a copy of the file and include the file name as a reference in your report. In some cases, you may be contacted about getting a copy of the dataset in question to solve the problem.

Please include your contact information every time you submit an error report. The software development team may need to contact you for follow-up details. Also, please submit an error report any time the product becomes unstable and presents the dialog box. Efforts are prioritized as patterns emerge in the number of reports received in a certain area.

The software will attempt to continue from this state. However, it may be advisable to save your project data and then restart the software.

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