Adding an Exception to AVG Firewall

By following the below mentioned steps, you can add an exception to the AVG Firewall:

  1. Open the main AVG window and select “Firewall” in the upper right hand corner.
    AVG Antivirus Firewall Configuration
  2. Under small home or office network select “Applications“. In the new window left click on the “Add” button.
    AVG Antivirus Firewall Configuration
  3. In this window select the “” button. This will open up your windows file browser.
    AVG Antivirus Firewall Configuration
  4. Browse the list starting from “My Computer” to the “Licensing” folder. The path of the program is C:\ProgramData\CivilGeo\Licensing
  5. Choose “License ServiceApp.exe” and select “Open”.
  6. Make sure to select “Allow for all”.
  7. Then click on “Apply”.

This article should resolve your firewall configuration issues. If you are still having issues, contact our technical support. They will be glad to assist you further.

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