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Moving a Floating Network License

Our software is licensed as a Node-Locked Workstation License, Floating Network License, or Cloud License.

This article describes how to move the Network License Server, used to manage the Floating Network License, from one computer to another. The Network License Server manages the check-out and check-in of floating network licenses on a network. The Network License Server runs as a Windows service on the computer that it is installed on.

To move the Network License Server to another computer, you will first have to deactivate the Floating Network License from the computer that the Floating Network License resides on. Then, you can install the Network License Server on the new computer.

How to Deactivate the Floating Network License?

To deactivate the Floating Network License, follow these steps:

  1. Start up the CivilGEO License Server Configuration software on the computer that the Floating Network License is to be deactivated from. You can find this software on the Windows Start menu.
  2. Choose the Deactivate Floating Network License option. Click on the [Next>] button.
  3. Copy the Activation ID provided by the CivilGEO Licensing Team or CivilGEO Licensing Portal in the email and paste it into the Activation ID field within the License Server Configuration. Click on the [Deactivate] button.
  4. If deactivation succeeds and the following message is displayed, then the Floating Network License is successfully returned to the CivilGEO Licensing Portal. Click on the [Close] button to close the application.
  5. If more than one floating network license is running on the Network License Server, do not uninstall the License Server Configuration software or you may lose other licenses as well.
  6. If no licenses are left for deactivation, the License Server Configuration software can then be uninstalled from the current computer, if desired.

For the next step in moving the Floating Network License to the new computer, see this article.

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