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How is GeoHECRAS different than Civil 3D River and Flood Analysis?

How does GeoHECRAS stack up against Autodesk’s AutoCAD Civil 3D River and Flood Analysis? We occasionally get asked by clients that are heavily invested in AutoCAD Civil 3D what sets GeoHECRAS apart from what already ships with Civil 3D.

For the most part, Civil 3D’s application is a basic program for cutting cross sections and assigning some HEC‑RAS elements. However, if you use HEC‑RAS on a regular basis and want to really leverage Civil 3D capabilities with HEC‑RAS, GeoHECRAS integrates tightly with Civil 3D and provides much more functionality, power, and time savings.

Here are some of the items that you might consider when comparing GeoHECRAS and Civil 3D’s River and Flood Analysis.

FunctionalityGeoHECRASCivil 3D River and Flood Analysis
Unlimited Undo / RedoYesNo
Purpose-Build HEC-RAS ToolsYesNo
What-If Scenario Manager AnalysisYesNo
Multiple Plan & Geometry FilesYesNo
Building XS from Multiple Data SourcesYesNo
HEC-RAS Multi Version SupportYesNo
HEC-RAS Version 5.0 & 6.0 SupportYesNo
HEC-RAS 2D Flow Area ModelingYesNo
2D Flow ModelingYesNo
Storage AreasYesNo
Storage Area ConnectionsYesNo
Lateral StructuresYesNo
Cross Section LidsYesNo
Unsteady Flow ModelingYesNo
Modified Puls RoutingYesNo
Dam Failure ModelingYesNo
Split Flow ModelingYesNo
Built-In Elevation Data SourcesYesNo
FEMA Flood Map SupportYesNo
Automated Bridge DesignYesNo
River Channel & XS InterpolationYesNo
Steady Flow CalibrationYesNo
Export HEC-RAS to Google EarthYesNo
Integrated Cloud-Based Mapping ServicesYesNo
Google Maps IntegrationYesNo
USGS StreamStats SupportYesNo
Watershed DelineationYesNo
Expert Technical SupportYesNo
Free Onboard TrainingYesNo

Another major consideration is that GeoHECRAS acts as a data wrapper to the US Army Corps of Engineers HEC‑RAS software. GeoHECRAS does not modify HEC‑RAS in any way, but facilitates entering data into HEC‑RAS by running the software in a “client-server” mode and directly interfacing with HEC‑RAS. So, as you enter the data into GeoHECRAS, the same data is stored in HEC‑RAS.

In summary, GeoHECRAS tightly integrates with Civil 3D and further extends Civil 3D capabilities. We continue to develop the product, adding additional functionality and capabilities. GeoHECRAS includes customized onboard training and toll-free technical support at no cost. In addition, special incentives are available to new customers to provide a migration path to GeoHECRAS.

GeoHECRAS Comparison

The best way for you to do an effective comparison between GeoHECRAS and AutoCAD Civil 3D River and Flood Analysis is to experience GeoHECRAS for yourself. We can point out all of the fantastic functionality that
GeoHECRAS provides
over other software, but ultimately you need to make that decision—both from a cost perspective, get-up-to-speed perspective, and a technical support perspective.

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