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Explode Multipart Command

In CivilGEO software, the Explode Multipart command is used to break multipart polylines and polygons into separate individual parts with attribute values that match the original multipart feature. The selected polylines or polygons that are not multipart polylines or polygons are unaffected. This would be useful if the user needed to alter the attributes of one of the elements in a multipart feature.

The following image shows four singlepart features (polygons) generated by separating one multipart input feature (polygons).
Explode Multipart command illustration

This article describes how to use the Explode Multipart command in the CivilGEO software.

Follow the steps below to use the Explode Multipart command:

  1. From the Map Edit ribbon menu, select the Explode Multipart command.
    Explode Multipart Map Edit ribbon menu command
  2. The Explode Multipart dialog box will be displayed.
    Explode Multipart dialog box
  3. Click the [Pick] button to select the multipart polyline(s)/polygon(s) to be exploded.
    [Pick] button
  4. The Explode Multipart dialog will temporarily disappear, and a prompt will be displayed on the status bar instructing the user what to do next.
  5. Select multipart polylines/polygons to explode from the Map View.
  6. After selecting the multipart polylines/polygons, press the [Enter] key or right-click and choose Done from the displayed context menu.
  7. The dialog box will be redisplayed and the total number of selected polylines/polygons will be displayed in the Pick polygons/polylines read-only field.
    Pick polygons/polylines read-only fieldNote that if the user has preselected the polylines/polygons from the Map View prior to running this command, the same number of selected polylines/polygons will be displayed in the Pick polygons/polylines read-only field.
  8. The user can click the [Clear] button to cancel all the previous selections and redo the entire process.
  9. When all the options have been defined, click the [OK] button.
    [OK] button
  10. The software will then break multipart polylines/polygons into their individual polylines or polygons.
  11. If the user has selected non-multipart features, then the following informational dialog box will be displayed on clicking the [OK] button.
    Cannot Explode Multipart Feature informational dialog box

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