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Delete Scenarios (HEC-RAS)

The Delete Scenarios command allows the user to select which plans, geometries, and flow data to remove from the HEC‑RAS project. This is helpful in order to remove data that is no longer relevant to a project or planned for inclusion in a reviewing agency project submittal. In addition, this command compresses the database, removing data no longer in use and reducing the project file size.

Follow the steps below to use the Delete Scenarios command:

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, expand the Scenario Manager dropdown combo box and select the Delete Scenarios command.
  2. The Delete Scenarios dialog box will be displayed. This dialog box displays all plans, geometry, and flow data associated with the HEC‑RAS project.
  3. Select the checkboxes corresponding to the scenarios (plans), geometry, and flow data to be removed.
  4. Click the [Delete] button. The software will delete the selected scenarios, geometry, and flow data.

Note that after a scenario data has been deleted from the HEC‑RAS project, it cannot be recovered with the Undo command. However, if the project is not saved, then the user can reload the project, and the scenario data will still be present. Alternatively, if the project has been saved, then the project backup file can be used to recover the previous state of scenario data.

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