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Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts Listing

Typing at Keyboard

The following list details the available keyboard and mouse shortcuts to speed up your work.

F2Edit Data Grid Cell Value
F2Graphic Edit of Element
F2Rename Element
F3Enable / Disable Snap Mode
F4Edit Vertices of Element
F8Enable / Disable Ortho Mode
F9Map Loupe (magnifying glass) of Map View
F10Stop video recording of Map View
F11Full Screen View of Map View
F12Perform Analysis
Ctrl+ASelect All Objects on Map VIew
Ctrl+DDraw Cross Sections Command
Ctrl+FZoom To Command
Ctrl+MMeasure Distance
Ctrl+NNew Project
Ctrl+OOpen Project
Ctrl+RRepeat Last Command
Ctrl+SSave Project
Ctrl+YRedo Last Action
Ctrl+ZUndo Last Action
Ctrl+TabSwitch to Next Project
Ctrl+Shift+SSave All Projects
Ctrl+Shift+TabSwitch to Previous Project
Ctrl+Mouse ZoomZoom Slower
Shift+IInvert Selection Command
Shift+SSelect Similar Command
Shift+Mouse ZoomZoom Faster
Double-Click Middle Mouse ButtonZoom Extents
EscCancel Command

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