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Software Export Capabilities

Our software can export data to a variety of different software programs using various data formats such as:

  • AutoCAD Drawing Files (*.dwg, *.dxf)
  • MicroStation CAD drawing files (*.dgn)
  • GIS Data (*.shp, *.gdb, *.mdb)
  • Google Earth Files (*.kml, *.kmz)
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)
  • Microsoft Word (*.docx)
  • PDF Files (*.pdf)

CivilGEO’s GeoHECHMS software exports model data as:

  • HEC-HMS Projects (*.hms)
  • HEC-HMS Archive File containing HEC-HMS Project Files (*.zip)

CivilGEO’s GeoHECRAS software exports model data as:

  • HEC‑RAS Projects (*.prj)
  • HEC‑RAS Archive File containing HEC‑RAS Project Files (*.zip)

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