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Retrieving Activation ID from the Customer Portal

The Activation ID(s) are provided in the form of an email at the time of purchase of any of our software product(s). In the event that the email that holds the Activation ID (s) is lost, the user can also retrieve this information by logging into the CivilGEO Customer Portal or by contacting CivilGEO customer support.

How to get the Activation ID from the Customer Portal?

To retrieve the Activation ID, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the CivilGEO Customer Portal using your registered email address and password. The CivilGEO Customer Portal dashboard will be displayed.
    CivilGEO Customer Portal dashboard
  2. From the left side panel of the dashboard, click on the Licenses menu item.
    Click on the Licenses menu item
  3. The Licenses page will be displayed with a list of all deployed entitlements for your organization. Each line item represents a license entitlement, which includes the Application, Purchased On, Type, Number of Users, Subscription Valid Until (i.e., License Expiration Date), Activation ID, and Status.
    Licenses page will be displayedNotes:

    • The Activation ID is visible to Administrators only.
    • When you use a cloud license, the Server ID will be displayed along with the Activation ID.
  4. You can copy the Activation ID from the portal to save it on the clipboard.
    Copy the Activation ID from the portal
  5. You can now close the webpage containing the CivilGEO Customer Portal.

If you still encounter difficulties retrieving the Activation ID, contact CivilGEO technical support. They will be glad to assist you.

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