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Global Find Command

In GeoHECHMS, the Global Find command allows the user to find the stormwater elements contained within the project based upon an input or output property.

To find the elements, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, click the Global Editing dropdown menu and select the Global Find command.
    Global Find input ribbon menu command
  2. The Global Find dialog box will be displayed.
    Global Find dialog box
  3. From the For all dropdown combo box, check the checkboxes corresponding to the element types to be searched. Note that the listed element types will be those that are present in the current project.
    For all dropdown combo box options
  4. From the Property dropdown combo box, select the input or output property of the selected element type(s).
    Property dropdown combo box optionsNote that if the HEC-HMS simulation results are not available, then the output properties will not be listed.
  5. From the Current value dropdown combo box, select one of the available comparison filter operators:
    • Between
    • Not Between
    • Equal To
    • Is Empty
    • Not Equal To
    • Greater Than
    • Less Than
    • Less Than or Equal To
    • Greater Than or Equal To
      Note that the list of comparison filter operators’ changes based on the selected property.
      Current value dropdown - list of comparison operators
      If the ‘is empty’ filter option is selected, then the adjacent input field will be hidden.
      Current value dropdown - is empty filter option
      The second input field is available only when the ‘between’ or ‘not between’ comparison filter operators are selected.
      Current value dropdown - ‘between’ or ‘not between’ filter option
  6. In the value field(s), enter the value(s) to compare against.
  7. Optionally, the second condition section can be used to further narrow down the search results by including additional search criteria. Check the Condition #2 checkbox to enable this section.
    Condition #2 checkbox
  8. Select the logical connective (and / or) to define the join condition of the search results from Condition #1 and Condition #2 sections.
    Condition #2 checkbox dropdown options
  9. Select the property and comparison filter operator and then provide value(s) to compare against as shown in steps 4–6.
  10. Click the [Find] button.
    [Find] button
  11. The Elements found section will display the list of found elements.
    Elements found section
  12. After finding the preferred element(s), the user can then select any of the listed elements and click the [Zoom To] button to zoom to the extent of selected element in the Map View. This is especially useful when the model contains numerous subbasins, reaches, and junctions.
    [Zoom To] button

Note that the user can also preselect elements from the Map View and then apply the Global Find command to the selected subset of elements.

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