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Add Layers Command

In CivilGEO software, layers aid in visualizing map data used to construct the model and various output types. The use of layers organizes your project and enables you to temporarily hide the display of unwanted graphical data. The Add Layers command allows the user to select and add an additional layer of map data (i.e., AutoCAD drawings, GIS data, elevation data, survey data, etc.) as layers in the Map View.

Note that the order of layers in the Map Data Layers panel determines how they appear on the Map View. The layer at the top of the Map Data Layers panel is granted priority and will be displayed on top of those layers that are at the bottom. This article describes how to use the Add Layers command in the CivilGEO software.

Follow the steps below to use the Add Layers command:

  1. Right-click on the Map Data Layers panel to display the context menu and then select the Add Layers command.
    Select the Add Layers commandAlternatively, select the Add Layers command from the Map Data ribbon menu.
    Map Data ribbon menu
  2. The Add Layers dialog box will be displayed.
    Add Layers dialog box
  3. Select the desired layer file from the Add Layers dialog box and click the [Open] button.
    Select a file from the Add Layers dialog box
  4. The software will load and display the selected layer on the Map View. In addition, the corresponding layer will be placed in the Map Data Layers panel.
    Selected layer is displayed on the Map View

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