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Troubleshooting Shear Stress Results

Profile line plot shear stress results are not available unless shear stress results have been computed for the flood map. HEC-RAS computes the flood map shear stress results independently of the simulation and then retrieves these results when displaying the profile line plot.

This issue can be easily corrected by displaying shear stress on the flood map, as detailed below:

  1. Right-click on the project name tab at the top of the Map View window and select the Open Folder Containing Project command.
  2. The project folder will be displayed. Look for the folder with the current Scenario name (1% Scenario in this example) and delete the folder and its contents.
  3. Then, from the Results ribbon menu, click the Flood Map command.
  4. The Flood Map dialog box will be displayed.
  5. From the General Specifications section, click on the Flood map type dropdown combo box, and then select the Shear Stress option.
  6. Click the [OK] button.
  7. The software will take some time to calculate the shear stress for the flood map.
  8. Once the shear stress flood map has been computed, right-click on the Profile Line and then select the Profile Line Plot command.
  9. The software will then display the shear stress results for Profile Line Plot.

If you are still having issues, contact our technical support. They will be glad to assist you further.

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