Toolbar Commands

The toolbar provides Map View commands, including:

  • 2D/3D – Switches the Map View from 2D to 3D view mode.
  • Select – Select elements, as well as other related commands like Edit Vertices, Select Window, Select Window Crossing, Select Polygon Window, Select Polygon Crossing.
  • Zoom – Dynamically zoom on the Map View. Hold down the [Shift] key to zoom back. The mouse roller wheel can be used to zoom in and out, as well as holding down the roller wheel can be used to pan around.
  • Navigate Backward – Similar to zoom previous, allows the user to step backward, showing previous map views that have been navigated to after zoom or pan operations.
  • Navigate Forward – Similar to Navigate Backward, but steps forward.
  • Zoom Extents – Zooms to the extents of the current layer.
  • Pan – Dynamically pan around the Map View. Holding down the mouse roller wheel does the same.
  • Rotate View – Used to rotate the view within the Map View while in 3D view mode.
  • Free Look Camera – Used to rotate the view both horizontally and vertically from the current location to see to the left and right as well as above and below.
  • Add Label – Adds a text label on the default drawing layer or the current drawing layer.
  • Measure Distance – Used to measure distances and areas on the Map View.

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