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Importing a HEC-HMS Model

The Import HEC-HMS Project command allows a preexisting HEC-HMS stormwater model to be imported and then displayed on the Map View.

Follow the steps below to use the Import HEC-HMS Project command.

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, click the Import Data menu item and choose the Import HEC-HMS Project command.
    Import HEC-HMS project - Input ribbon menu
  2. The Import HEC-HMS Project dialog box will be displayed.
    Import HEC-HMS project dialog box
  3. From the Select HEC-HMS Project section, click the […] browse button to select the HEC-HMS project file.
  4. The software will display the Import HEC-HMS Project File dialog box. From the displayed dialog box, browse to the folder where the HEC-HMS project file is located and select it. Click the [Open] button.
    Import HEC-HMS project file open dialog box
  5. After selecting the HEC‑HMS project file, you will be returned to the Import HEC‑HMS Project dialog box, and the complete directory path and the file name will be shown in the HEC-HMS project file entry.
    Select HEC_HMS project file entry
  6. From the Select Scenario (Plans) to Import section, select either of the following options:
    • All scenarios: Select this option to export all the scenarios contained within the model. (Note that by default, this option is selected.)
    • Select scenarios: Select this option to export the desired scenarios by selecting them from the Select scenarios dropdown combo box.
      Select scenario to import
  7. After specifying all the required details, click the [Import] button to import the HEC-HMS project.

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