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How to Export a HEC-RAS Model?

GeoHECRAS is a data wrapper to the HEC‑RAS software. It is quite easy to export the HEC‑RAS model that the software generates.

Follow these steps to export a HEC‑RAS model:

  1. Select Input | Export Data | Export HEC‑RAS Project from the ribbon menu.
  2. The Export HEC‑RAS Project dialog box will be displayed.
  3. This dialog box provides various options for exporting the HEC‑RAS model:
    • The directory and file name for the HEC‑RAS data to be exported can be specified.
    • All of the HEC‑RAS model input data files can be archived into a single ZIP file.
    • The HEC‑RAS model analysis output files can be included in the archive ZIP file.
    • The background base map can be included in the export as a georeferenced JPG image file.
    • Specific scenarios (or plans) can be selected for export.
  4. When all of the options have been properly defined, click the [Export] button to export the HEC‑RAS project.

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