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How to Configure the EnableLinkedConnections Registry Entry?

When using CivilGEO’s engineering software, the Windows Open dialog box sometimes fails to locate the mapped network drives, even though it is visible in Windows Explorer. This issue can also occur while performing the installation of a CivilGEO software product on Windows 10, where you are unable to view or access mapped network drives.

This issue can be easily corrected by configuring the EnableLinkedConnections registry value.

Disclaimer: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Improperly editing the registry can lead to software corruption and data loss. Before you modify the registry, make sure you back up the registry and understand how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. By proceeding beyond this point, you acknowledge that you understand the risks inherent in incorrectly editing the registry and that by proceeding, you agree to accept these risks.

Follow these steps to configure the EnableLinkedConnections registry value:

  1. Display the Windows Run dialog box by pressing the Win + R keys (using the Windows key and the “R” key simultaneously) on the keyboard. This will display the Windows Run dialog box.
  2. Type regedit in the Open entry and then press the Enter key or click the [OK] button.
    Windows Run dialog box
  3. Press Yes to allow changes to be made. The Registry Editor application will be displayed.
  4. Navigate to the System registry subkey by pasting or typing the following into the Address Bar as shown below.
    Registry Editor – System
  5. From the System right-click context menu, click on NEW and then select DWORD (32-bit) Value.
    Registry Editor – DWORD (32 bit) Value
  6. A new subkey appears in the System folder.
    Registry Editor – New subkey
  7. Type EnableLinkedConnections and then press the ENTER key.
    Registry Editor – EnableLinkedConnectionsNote that if the EnableLinkedConnections value already exists, the user does not need to create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value, they can simply modify it using the steps below.
  8. Right-click EnableLinkedConnections and then select Modify from the displayed context menu.
    Registry Editor – EnableLinkedConnections2
  9. The Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialog box will be displayed. In the Value data field, enter 1 or modify it to 1 from 0, then press the Enter key or click the [OK] button to submit the data.
    Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialog box
  10. Close the Registry Editor application.
  11. Restart the host computer and the changes made to the Registry Editor will take effect.

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