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Global Copy Command

The Global Copy command can be used to copy project elements from one scenario to other existing scenarios of the same project or between two separate (loaded) projects as long as the two projects have the same coordinate reference system (CRS).

This allows a user to quickly copy elements to other scenarios and create new models based on existing ones. This is particularly useful for engineers who want to study and visualize the effects of modifications made to a model. This helps an engineer make faster and better design decisions.

Using Global Copy command in GeoHECRAS

You can use the Global Copy command to copy these HEC-RAS elements:

  • River reaches
  • Junctions
  • Cross sections
  • Roadway crossings
  • Inline structures
  • Lateral structures
  • Storage areas
  • 2D flow areas
  • Pumps

Note that when any of the above elements are copied, then the sub-elements associated with that element are also copied automatically.

Follow the steps below to use the Global Copy command:

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, select the Global Copy command.
    Global Copy input ribbon menu command
  2. The Global Copy dialog box will be displayed.
    Global Copy dialog box
  3. From the Element Selection section, click on the [Pick] button to select the HEC-RAS elements from the Map View.
  4. The Global Copy dialog box will temporarily disappear, and a prompt will be displayed on the status bar instructing the user what to do next. Select the HEC-RAS elements on the Map View to copy.
  5. After selecting the elements, press the [Enter] key or right-click, and select Done from the displayed context menu.
  6. The Global Copy dialog box will be redisplayed, and the total number of selected elements will be shown in the Selected elements read-only field, as shown below.
    Selected elements read-only field
  7. From the Copy Elements to Target section, use the GeoHECRAS (loaded) project dropdown combo box to select the project where you want to copy the selected elements to.
    Note that the target project must already be open in GeoHECRAS.
  8. From the Geometry dropdown combo box, select the geometry file to copy the selected elements.
    Geometry dropdown combo boxAlternatively, click the [New] button to create a new geometry file. In addition, at the top of the listing is an Add New Geometry entry which will create new geometry.
  9. Alternatively, check the Overwrite existing geometry elements checkbox option to overwrite existing geometry elements with the new geometry elements.
  10. When all the options have been properly defined, click the [OK] button.

The selected elements will be copied to the target project and corresponding geometry file.


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