How to Export a HEC‑RAS Model to AutoCAD or MicroStation?

It is quite easy to export a HEC‑RAS model to an AutoCAD or MicroStation drawing file, allowing the HEC‑RAS model data to be shared with CAD and other software.

Follow these steps to export the HEC‑RAS model to AutoCAD or MicroStation:

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, select Export Data menu item and then Export HEC‑RAS to CAD command.Export HEC-RAS Model to AutoCAD command
  2. The Export HEC‑RAS to CAD dialog box will be displayed.
    Export HEC-RAS to AutoCAD Dialog Box

The following sections describe the Export HEC‑RAS to CAD command and how to interact with the above dialog box.

CAD Drawing File

This section is used to define where the exported results are to be saved.

Click the […] button for the File name entry to specify the directory location and the drawing file name to save the exported results. Make certain to select the file type, which includes whether to save the file as an AutoCAD or MicroStation drawing file, as well as what drawing file version.

HEC‑RAS Input Data

This section allows the user to select what HEC‑RAS input data should be exported. Each HEC‑RAS element type is placed in its own layer. For example, cross sections are placed in a cross-section layer, whereas river reaches are placed in a river reach layer. Also, 3D polyline elements, such as cross sections, are written out as 3D polylines.

HEC‑RAS Output Data

This section allows the user to select which flood map profiles to export.

Other Options

This section allows the user to include the base map image with a choice of imagery resolution. In addition, the Overwriting existing CAD drawing file checkbox option allows the software to overwrite an existing CAD file with the same file name.

Exporting the HEC‑RAS Model

After the options have been defined, click the [Export] button and the software will export the HEC‑RAS model to CAD.

Only the current scenario (or plan) will be written out to the CAD drawing file. Separate drawing files will need to be created if multiple scenarios are to be exported to AutoCAD.

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