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Export HEC-HMS to Shapefiles Command

Using Export HEC-HMS to Shapefiles command, you can easily export HEC-HMS models to GIS shapefiles. This allows the user to share the HEC-HMS model data with GIS and other software.

Using Export HEC-HMS to Shapefiles Command

  1. Go to the Input tab in the ribbon menu and click Export Data menu item and then the Export HEC-HMS to Shapefiles menu command.
  2. The Export HEC-HMS to Shapefiles dialog box opens.
  3. In the dialog box, specify inputs for the following sections:
    • Select HEC-HMS Shapefile Type to Export
      Specify how the GIS shapefiles should be saved. The shapefiles can be saved in a folder location or can be packaged in a compressed .zip Select the desired option.
      Tip: Saving the shapefiles in a .zip file makes it easier to share the shapefile data with other users and for archiving the project.
    • HEC-HMS Input Data
      Select the HEC-HMS input data to export. Each HEC-HMS element type is placed in its own shapefile.
    • Other Options
      Select the Overwriting existing shapefiles checkbox to overwrite existing shapefiles with the same file name.
  1. Click Export.
    The software will export the HEC-HMS data to the shapefiles.

Note: Only the current scenario (or plan) is exported to the shapefiles. To export multiple scenarios, you need to create separate shapefiles.

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