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Export a HEC‑HMS Model to AutoCAD or MicroStation

You can easily export a HEC-HMS model as an AutoCAD or MicroStation drawing file using Export HEC-HMS to CAD command. This allows the HEC‑HMS model data to be shared with other CAD software.

Using Export HEC-HMS to CAD command

Follow these steps to export the HEC‑HMS model to AutoCAD or MicroStation:

  1. Go to the Input tab in the ribbon menu and click Export Data menu item.
  2. Click Export HEC‑HMS to CAD command.
    The Export HEC‑HMS to CAD dialog box opens. The Export HEC-HMS dialog box contains General Options and Spatial Reference tabs, wherein you can further specify details related to the model.
    1. General Options tab
      The tab contains following sections:

      1. CAD Drawing File
        This section is used to define where the exported results are to be saved. Click the for the fentry to specify the directory location and the drawing file name to save the exported results. Make certain to select the file type, which includes whether to save the file as an AutoCAD or MicroStation drawing file, as well as what drawing file version.
      2. HEC‑HMS Input Data
        This section allows the user to select what HEC‑HMS input data should be exported. Each HEC‑HMS element type is placed on in its own layer.
      3. Other Options
        This section allows the user to include the base map image with a choice of imagery resolution. In addition, the Overwriting existing CAD drawing file checkbox entry allows the software to overwrite an existing CAD file with the same file name.
    2. Spatial Reference tab
      This tab allows the user to specify the desired Coordinate Reference System (CRS) for the CAD drawing. It contains following sections:

      1. Exported Coordinate Reference System
        This option allows the user to select the desired CRS to export. You can choose between following options:

        • Use project CRS
        • Use local CRS
        • Select different CRS
      2. Coordinate Reference System Information
        This section displays information related to the CRS selected in the previous section.
      3. Select Coordinate Reference System
        If you chose Select different CRS option, then use this section to define the custom CRS.

        • Use the Projected CRS Regions tab to select a CRS using its geographic location/region, or,
        • Use Projected CRS Listings tab to select a predefined CRS.
    3. After specifying the options as desired, click Export.
      The CAD drawing file will be exported to the specified location.

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