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Duplicate Current Scenario (HEC-HMS)

The Duplicate Current Scenario command in GeoHECHMS allows the user to make an identical copy of the current scenario (plan). This copy is independent and does not interact with the original after it has been made. The user can optionally make a copy of the current basin, meteorological, and control specification data.

Follow the steps given below to use the Duplicate Current Scenario command:

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, click the Scenario Manager dropdown combo box and select the Duplicate Current Scenario command.
  2. The Duplicate Current Scenario dialog box will be displayed.
  3. To create an identical copy, the user needs to enter the name of the copy in the Scenario (run) input field.
  4. By default, the software utilizes the current scenario’s basin model, meteorological data, and control specifications for the duplicated scenario.
  5. Additionally, the user can check the Basin model, Meteorology data, and Control specification checkboxes to make identical copies of the current scenario’s basin, meteorological, and control specification data. This is useful when creating alternative designs for comparison, such as when comparing detention and retention pond designs for different storm events.
  6. Click the [Apply] button and a copy of the current scenario will be created.

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