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Copy & Paste Element Properties

In GeoHECHMS, users can utilize the Copy Properties and Paste Properties commands to copy and paste the hydrologic/engineering properties of HEC-HMS elements, including subbasins, reaches, storage areas, and more, to other similar elements.
Copy and Paste Element properties commands


  • Geometric properties, such as elevations, area, lengths, etc, along with the computed results, cannot be copied and pasted since they are considered element-specific. Only engineering properties, such as curve numbers, percent impervious, routing methods, etc., can be copied.
  • The hydrologic results of HEC-HMS elements, such as Junction and Sink, obtained after computing the analysis, cannot be copied and pasted among similar element types.

The following list outlines the engineering properties eligible for copying and pasting among similar HEC-HMS elements.

Attention: The internal data of table “82” is corrupted!

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