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Convert Elevations Command

The Convert Elevations command allows elevation grids (also known as digital elevation models, DEMs, and raster elevation grids) to be converted between different vertical units of measure. For example, USGS elevation grids have horizontal units in feet but elevations commonly in meters. This command allows the user to quickly convert the elevations from meters to feet.

To use the Convert Elevations command, the user must have the elevation layer loaded in the project. Review this knowledge base article on how to load an elevation layer.

Follow these steps to use this command:

  1. From the Map Edit ribbon menu, select the Convert Elevations command.
  2. The Convert Elevations dialog box will be displayed.
  3. In the Elevation grid dropdown combo box, select the elevation layer that needs to be converted.
  4. In the Elevation Adjustment section:
    • Choose Scale metric (SI) units to US units to convert the elevation grid file from meters to feet.
    • Choose Scale US units to metric (SI) units to convert the elevation grid file from feet to meters.
  5. The change in elevation range will be reflected in the Elevation Range
  6. Click the […] button beside Converted DEM file to specify the file location, name and format for the converted elevation grid to be stored.
  7. Click the [Convert] button.
  8. The software will then load the converted elevation grid file as a new layer in the Map Data Layers panel.

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