Construct 3D Buildings from OSM Data

GeoHECRAS software uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to construct 3D buildings on the Map View. The Show 3D Buildings command will retrieve this information from OSM and construct realistic 3D buildings on the Map View. This command operates only when switched to 3D view mode in the Map View. This section describes how to use this command.

  1. Select View from the ribbon menu and then click the Show 3D Buildings command.
    GeoHECRAS Show 3D Buildings command
  1. From the Map View toolbar, switch to 3D view mode by clicking on the 3D command.
    3D command map view toolbar
  1. From the Map View toolbar, select the Rotate View command.
    GeoHECRAS Rotate View command.
  1. Click and drag to rotate the Map View into a 3D view. As you zoom into a region, 3D buildings will be displayed on the Map View. Note that not all locations have OSM 3D building data and hence there might not be 3D buildings in your area of interest.
    GeoHECRAS Map View

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