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Assign Junction Elevations Command

In GeoHECHMS, the Assign Junction Elevations command is used to assign invert elevations to the selected junction(s). This command uses the elevation terrain surface to compute the invert elevation of an individual junction(s) with respect to the terrain surface present in the model.

Follow the steps below to use the Assign Junction Elevations command:

  1. From the Input ribbon menu, select the Assign Junction Elevations command under the Routing Junctions dropdown menu.
    Input ribbon menu - Assign Junction Elevations command
  2. The Assign Junction Elevations dialog box will be displayed.
    Assign Junction Elevations dialog box
  3. The Select Junctions section lists the available junction(s) in the project. To select the desired junction(s), check the adjacent checkbox entry. Alternatively, the user can click the [Pick] button to manually select the junction from the Map View and then press the [Enter] key or right-click and select Done from the displayed context menu to complete the selection. The number of selected junction(s) will be displayed in the Total selected field as shown below.
    Total selected field - number of selected junction(s)
  4. From the Extract Elevation Data section, select the desired Terrain elevation source from the list of supported surface types as shown below.
    Extract Elevation Data section - list of supported surface typesNote that if LandXML Data or TIN Surface is selected as the surface type, different options will be provided to specify additional elevation data information. In addition, if the selected terrain elevation source (e.g., LandXML Data) is not available in the model, the [Assign] button will get disabled (i.e., grayed out) as shown below.
    Additional elevation sources
  5. From the Elevation grid layer dropdown menu, select an elevation layer contained within the project.
    Elevation grid layer dropdown menu - elevation layer
  6. The user may also check the Apply elevation offset option before assigning the junction elevations. For example, the user can define a negative offset value to lower the junction for specific circumstances, such as in the case of a manhole bottom elevation.
  7. After defining all the options, click the [Assign] button, and the software will compute and display the invert elevation for the selected junction(s).
    Invert elevation for the selected junction(s)

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