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Zoom to Element Command

The Zoom to Element command allows the user to zoom onto one or more user-selected project elements of a similar type on the Map View. The Zoom to Element command is available for the following project elements:

The Zoom to Element command is available for the following project elements:

Project Elements
River ReachesSubbasins
Cross SectionsJunctions
Roadway CrossingsReaches
Lateral StructuresCross Sections
2D Flow AreasStorage Areas
Inline StructuresDiversions
Storage AreasSources
2D Flow Area BreaklinesSinks
SA/2D Boundary Condition Lines
SA/2D Initial Condition Points
SA/2D Connections

For example, to zoom onto specific cross sections on the Map View, the Zoom to Cross Section command can be used. To use this command, from the Input ribbon menu, select the Zoom to Cross Section command under the Cross Sections dropdown menu.
Zoom to Element command

The Zoom to Cross Section dialog box will be displayed. The cross sections defined in the project will be displayed in the dialog box as shown below.
Zoom to Element dialog box

Now, select the cross section(s) to zoom onto from the Select Cross Section(s) section. The user can select multiple cross sections by pressing and holding down the [Ctrl] key while selecting the cross sections. After selecting the cross sections, click the [OK] button and the selected cross sections will be zoomed onto the Map View.

Note: For Subbasins and Reaches (HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS), the corresponding Zoom to Element dialog boxes contain an additional Zoom to All Elements section. If this section is selected, then it causes the software to zoom to the extents of the entire project, including all the associated project elements.
Zoom to All Elements section

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