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Precipitation Type – Specified Hyetograph

The Specified Hyetograph precipitation type of the Meteorology Data dialog box allows the user to specify the exact rain gage time series to use for the hyetograph at each subbasin. This precipitation type is useful when precipitation data is processed externally and imported without modification. This method is also useful when a single rain gage can be used to represent a storm event.

When the Specified Hyetograph is selected as the Precipitation type in the Meteorology Data dialog box, the following data panel will be displayed for the Precipitation Data selector.

Specified Hyetograph precipitation panel

The following sections describe how to interact with the Specified Hyetograph data panel of the Meteorology Data dialog box.

Specified Hyetograph Options

The Scale rain gage hyetograph to defined total rainfall depth (Optional Total Depth Override) checkbox option is used to enable adjustment of the precipitation depth for each rain gage. Checking this option also enables the Optional Total Depth Override column of the Subbasin Rain Gages table.

Subbasin Rain Gages

The following data columns are provided in the data grid of this section.

  • Subbasin ID
    This column lists all the subbasins contained within the scenario.
  • Rain Gage ID
    This column contains a dropdown combo box in each cell that lists all the defined rain gages. Clicking the […] button will display the Rain Gage Data dialog box which allows the user to define time series rain gage data. Refer to this article in our knowledge base to learn more about Rain Gage Data dialog box.
  • Optional Total Depth Override
    This data column is enabled if the Scale rain gage hyetograph to defined total rainfall depth (Optional Total Depth Override) checkbox is checked. Otherwise, this data column is grayed out (i.e., disabled). This field gives the user the option to define a total rainfall depth for each subbasin.

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